Honey Hole Culture Club

We bring quality to LEISURE!

Full spectrum lab results at every step of the process. Certified non-GMO and organic ingredients. Tested 100% free of residual microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, and pesticides to bring balance, and enhance the time you take to yourself and experience the little things that bring you pleasure.

We bring affordability to this LIFESTYLE!

CBD is not about huge profits. Our prices are affordable because we are passionate about enhancing the quality of everyone’s lifestyle. We aren’t here to be the next up and comer featured in FORBES magazine, but we are here to put CBD within reach of those who need it most, but can’t afford it, or know where to get it. Our lab-tested CBD products are high in milligrams and easy on your pockets.

We enhance the COMFORT!

We work hard to ensure our people are taken care of FIRST, and they take care of the Honey Hole Culture Club. Our products are top shelf, quality, and affordable. Remember to smile, love a little harder, and live each moment with purpose! We hope our CBD brings you comfort so you may enjoy the company of those closest to you, and doing those things that bring you peace!

Bath Bombs

For relief from chronic pain, the daily grind, or overworked muscles slip this into your bath and enjoy luxury like never before in the comfort of your own home.


Of the numerous methods available to consume CBD, tinctures are one of the simplest, and most effective methods to receive the benefits of CBD. Simply squeeze a few drops under the tongue, into your drink, or on your food and you are ready for fast effective relief.

Vape Cartridge & Battery Kit

Have you tried our vape cartridges? Our uncut cartridges from For The People contain nothing but CBD concentrate, straight from the plant with no filler whatsoever, so you’re getting a very hefty dose of CBD! And our disposable vape pens from our friend’s over at Social come in many different flavors, and are as smooth as the silky tunes of Smokey Robinson!

Edibles & Drinks

Our alkaline water comes from CBD Living water and boasts 10mg of CBD, and unlike many edibles and gummies, our signature Bliss Berry gummies are made in an FDA certified facility. The result? A delicious and consistent flavor and premium potency – always infused, never dipped, or sprayed.